Other Musical Phantoms: Neil Merryweather and Jim Gustafson. Who?

Then You Don’t Know William Kyle Eidson II or Lori Lieberman, Either

The two fiction horror novellas and rock journalism non-fiction works of R.D Francis
2018 Tour Photos courtesy of Jim Gustafson/Poobah
Neil Merryweather and Billy Joel jamming on Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”
Title cut from Kyle’s Times That Try a Man’s Soul
Lori Liberman with a 1975 live version of “Killing Me Softly”
Poobah’s debut album, Let Me In, courtesy of You Tube



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R D Francis

Is a screenwriter, author, music and film journalist. Visit him at B&S About Movies, Garage Hangover, It's Psychedelic Baby, Ugly Things Magazine, and the IMDb.